16th Printing, Autumn 2023

With our 16th printing completed in 2023, there are now more than 120 churches singing from Hymns of Truth and Light!

Customized Editions

With the 16th printing completed, we regret that we will no longer offer customized versions of Hymns of Truth and Light to order.  We do have several customized hymnals in stock from the overruns of previous printings that are available for sale at reduced prices: please contact us if you are interested in purchasing some!

No minimum order

There is no minimum-sized order of the standard hymnal!

Since 1993

Send for your own examination copy


Discover the excellence of Hymns of Truth and Light for yourself! Please contact us at:  [email protected] , and request an examination copy.  No risk - if you decide not to keep the hymnal you may return it to us at your expense.  Otherwise remit just $20 to cover hymnal, postage and handling.