Praise for Hymns of Truth and Light

We regularly contact churches that have chosen Hymns of Truth and Light in order to provide us with feedback to incorporate in future editions.  Here are some of the comments we have received:

"We love the hymnal and are very happy with our purchase.  It provides a great balance of familiar traditional hymns, our own supplement, plus many new hymns."

"We have a successful blended service and our only music comes from the hymnal."

"We love the gentle de-genderizing, not messing with well-beloved hymns, new hymns like South African."

"Hymns of Truth and Light is very good.  I enjoy the historical bits at the bottom.  Appreciate the inclusive language."

"After several years we are still discovering little song treasures we first overlooked."

"Hymns of Truth and Light has been a perfect fit!"


When asked what they liked best about Hymns of Truth and Light, churches responded:

"Inclusive language artistically realized"

"Customized for our congregation: good inclusive translations, new and old favorites"

"Breadth, usability, quality, easy to read, hymns in good keys, lots of variety"

"Up-to-date hymns.  Good mix of old and new"

"Inclusive language changes were sensitive and poetic, new material, supplement, Theology of poetry a reasonable fit to our church"

"Variety of hymns, language that is updated but not changed to the extreme, new hymns included."

"Selection of hymns that are strong in "covenantal" understanding of the church"

"The fact that much careful study, thought, and prayer created a hymnal of integrity which speaks to the 'older' traditions as well as the new"

"Footnotes on hymns give much better appreciation of origin and intent"

"Good compromise on inclusive language, easy to read, more often one phrase per stave, annotations at bottom of page, inserted quotes/text, more traditional arrangements, most clearly congregational intent"

"Some of the best loved hymns still use their original text"